The mind is where the battle begins!

Paul | Jada Edwards

Our thoughts become our beliefs and then our truth.

Now the question is this; 

Are your thoughts helpful or harming you?

According to researchers we have between 6000(1 / 2) – 60,000 thoughts per day. They have established that 90% of these are repeats of thoughts of yesterday.  And on average 75% of them are negative. And of the 75% of the negative thoughts 97% does not actually happen. Pff that’s exhausting and potentially harmful! 

There is also research connecting health with RNP(3) (Repetitive Negative Thinking).  So it’s not just a thought, but literally can have physical impact on your health.

Are all your thoughts your own? 

Our earliest thoughts and truths comes from our home where we grew up, our family and culture. When we start interacting in society, the beliefs of our friends, coworkers and the people we surround ourselves with, have influence on our thoughts. 

Media has a major influence in our lives and since we get thousands of triggers per day, it is a big one on how you think and often feel.  How can we filter all this information. One way is by asking two simple questions.  But before we tackle that, a really important question is this … 

 “Is my life the way I want it to be?” 

 If yes, wonderful, if no, oke what do you want to be different. This can be one thing or a few things. I must use a cliché here; 

‘If we don’t know where we are going, how can we get there?’

Let us start by focusing on what you want life to be. If we start here, all the thoughts you have can be measured to this focus.  When you do decide to take life back into your own hands, you can also filter the thoughts, beliefs and truth’s.

Thoughts that are defined as harmful don’t resonate with your life goal. 

  • Step one: Ask who is this thought coming from?  Is this my own or not.  
  • Step two: Ask what is this thought doing, is it helping me or harming me.


As a coach and therapist this is one of the missing links in a fulfilling life. This is not always easy, but start with small things and step by step you will get there.  Just remember it is a journey not a destination.

Ask for help if you feel that you need it. 

Enjoy the journey!

Take care and be you!

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